Emanuela Buraschi

Emanuela Buraschi

When I was born, in 1969, my parents had been working in the oil mill for some years. They bought olives, milled them and sold oil. They have continued over time with so many sacrifices but also with the satisfaction of doing a quality job, gratified by the liking of many customers.

After my studies I dedicated myself to other activities, only occasionally helping my parents in the mill, especially in moments of more intense work; then gradually the passion for the mill has matured and led me to a life choice, so much so that from about 20 years I work to full time in family company.

At first it was difficult, I relied especially on my Dad from which I learned techniques and tricks of the trade, but at the same time I tried to grow thanks to my initiative. Sometimes I closed my eyes to recognize engine noises or quality and characteristics of olives.

In these twenty years I have learned much, but I still have a lot to learn with the aim of continuing this wonderful job, strong of what acquired in the past and above all, looking to the future.

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